What is your shipping policy?

We offer free shipping via UPS Ground within the USA.  Orders usually ship within 1-2 business days.  Depending on your location, UPS Ground usually takes within 3-5 business days to arrive.  Once your order has shipped you will be emailed a shipping confirmation with a tracking number so you can follow your package.  Please notify us in the notes section during checkout if you require a signature upon delivery.  Email us at info@tableauartandobjects.com to obtain a quote for international shipping or for expedited service.  We are proud of our participation in the UPS's carbon neutral program.  To learn more about the program, visit https://www.naturalcapitalpartners.com/ups-shipment-program


Can I return something I purchased?

Yes.  If you decide a piece doesn’t work in your space, we accept returns as long as the item is shipped back to us undamaged within 14 calendar days.  You will need to carefully re-package the piece in the original packing material (or engage your shipper to do so) and ship the item using an insured, trackable carrier of your choice.


Some of your pieces have small defects.  Is that intentional?

Because our pieces are not new, they may have signs of age. But we think that is a good thing because it indicates that the piece has authenticity and value. Its patina will add layer and interest to your home decor. Of course, damage has its limits. We do not offer pieces for sale which do not meet our standards of overall quality. Sometimes we hold off on restoration in order to keep our prices down and to allow the purchaser the flexibility to invest in a piece over time. This is especially true of older works on paper.  They are framed using acid free materials, but most should be seen by a paper conservator when your time and budget allows it.  Please read product descriptions and examine product photos closely, as any minor defects are noted. If you have questions about a particular item, please feel free to contact us at info@tableauartandobjects.com. We are also happy to arrange restoration services if requested.


What if I am looking for something in particular?  Can you help me?

Send us an email at info@tableauartandobjects.com and we will let you know if we think we have found it. To be the first to know about new acquisitions, follow us on Instagram.  


What is your sustainability policy?

Packing and shipping large and fragile items can require huge amounts of plastic and styrofoam.  We do our best to minimize our impact by using recycled and re-used cardboard boxes, paper packing tape, and, wherever possible, paper or ecologically friendly packing material.  We re-use clean bubble wrap and polystyrene packing material to use when the fragile nature of an item demands it. Moreover, we ship all packages using UPS Ground (which is more sustainable than air transit) and participate in UPS's carbon neutral program.  To learn more about the program, visit https://www.naturalcapitalpartners.com/ups-shipment-program


Why are your works on paper shipped under plexiglass? 

Shipping under glass poses the risk of the glass breaking and damaging the underlying work. Additionally, glass adds weight and increases shipping costs. We recommend that when your time and budget allows it, works on paper be placed under UV museum quality plexiglass.