Statement Pieces for Your Home

Incorporating a few fabulous pieces in your home decor can be a game changer.  It all starts with a great piece of art and ends with essential accents like a standout mirror or a stunning pair of lamps.  And that’s where we come in.  We scour the market to find those unique yet affordable items that will elevate your space and help you create a home that is truly  — and only — yours.

Relevance + Connections

Not many of us can have a Rothko or a de Kooning.  But what we can have is a very real link to these household names. We showcase works by 19th and 20th century artists who exhibited with, studied with, or who were otherwise influenced by those icons we all know and love.

Beauty + Character

It sounds obvious, but we always ask, is this piece beautiful?  Would it inspire conversation in your room?  Functional pieces can and should have great form too.  We feature visually engaging objects that get the job done with style.  And whatever their age, they have a fresh, modern aesthetic that gives them lasting appeal.

Authenticity + Craftsmanship

It may surprise you to learn that it is often no more expensive to purchase an original item than a contemporary copy sold in home decor stores.  Our curated objects represent highlights of craftsmanship and design from the last 200 years.  These pieces are iconic and timeless, which is why they continue to be collected and admired today.

Accessibility + Affordability

We have developed the expertise and resources to find these exceptional pieces, to vet them, and to present them to you in a format that helps you visualize them in your own space.  Affordability is a big part of our mission because what is the point of finding all this great stuff if we can’t share it with people?

Bring Your Decor to Life

Tableau comes from the theater term "tableau vivant", which means  "living picture".  We chose the name because art and objects grouped together are more than just a bunch of pretty things.  They breathe life into your space and your home.  They turn heads.  They get people talking.

If you want unique, expertly curated pieces for your home, look no further. Linda Cangiano, owner of Tableau Art and Objects, has exquisite taste and the eye for picking special statement pieces to complete your home. I love my Salvatore Grippi and Louisa Chase paintings. Thank you, I will be back!

Wendy Todd, Pittsburgh PA

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